Dr. Shashi Bhushan Mehta

Dr. Kushwaha Shashi Bhushan Mehta (born on 22.01.1957 in Plamu district of Jharkhand) is an MLA from Panki (Jharkhand) legislative assembly seat for BJP.He is a pioneering presence in the education sector in the state. He himself has a record par excellence in academic arena.

With M.A Phi (Gold Medalist),Hist.(Double M.A), L.L.B and Ph.d under his belt, he has ushered in a renaissance in education sector in the state of Jharkhand. By establishing Schools he has ensured that education of class is not restricted to any class.

His inspirations in Politics are staunch patriot Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and splendid statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Like his Inspirations, he has committed himself to the welfare of people of his state. Be it wee hours or sweltering heat, he is available to his people to solve their problems and share their joy and grief.

Coming from backwaters of Jharkhand, he has toiled indefatigably to bring the light of development to his people in all the ways possible. His unremitting endeavor to uplift the status of underprivileged is integral part of his political ethos.

As a visionary, he wants to see his state and his people on the uppermost rung of the development ladder. His dream is a better world for the people of the state where efficient education and nutritious food remain no longer a dream for his people.


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